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Fez Conference

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February 23, 2024

Climate Justice for the Sahara: Navigating Vulnerabilities and Equity in Fez

Climate justice for the Sahara region, including Fez, involves recognizing the unique climate vulnerabilities of this arid environment while addressing historical and systemic inequities in addressing climate change impacts. The Sahara faces increasing temperatures, prolonged droughts, and desertification, threatening livelihoods and exacerbating existing social disparities.

Climate justice emphasizes the responsibility of developed nations for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, despite the disproportionate impacts on developing regions like the Sahara. In Fez, vulnerable communities often lack access to resources and are more affected by water scarcity and extreme heat events.

Addressing climate justice in the Sahara entails sustainable land management, water conservation, and supporting local adaptation strategies. It also involves advocating for international cooperation and climate finance to support regions that have contributed least to the crisis.

Fez’s historical significance and cultural heritage accentuate the urgency of safeguarding its communities from climate change impacts. By embracing climate justice principles, Fez can lead the way in demonstrating how addressing climate challenges while upholding social equity can create a resilient and sustainable future for its residents and beyond.

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