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Kerman Seminar

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December 24, 2023

Climate Change Challenges and Adaptation Strategies in Kerman, Iran

Kerman, situated in southeastern Iran, grapples with distinctive climate change repercussions. Characterized by a desert climate, the region experiences escalating temperatures and prolonged heatwaves, posing risks to agriculture, water resources, and public health. Erratic and insufficient rainfall patterns challenge farming practices and jeopardize food security for its agrarian society.

Kerman’s geographical location heightens vulnerability to drought, desertification, and water scarcity. Traditional livelihoods like agriculture and animal husbandry face unprecedented challenges due to changing weather patterns. The reliance on underground water sources raises concerns about depletion and long-term sustainability.

Local ecosystems are also impacted, influencing biodiversity and exacerbating the delicate balance between nature and human activities. To combat these issues, strategies such as water conservation, drought-resistant crops, and modern irrigation techniques are being explored. Collaborative initiatives between governmental bodies, research institutions, and local communities aim to integrate traditional knowledge with innovative solutions.

Recognizing the complex relationship between climate change, local dynamics, and socio-economic factors, Kerman endeavors to navigate the challenges through adaptation measures that prioritize sustainable resource management, environmental conservation, and community resilience.

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